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Family Entertainment Center

Our Process

Through our team we’ll assist you in the whole procedure: initial briefing, planning, construction and starting-up
Our after-sale service will grant you to benefit from Memopark’s experience and update steadily your attractions range so as to support the latest trend and public demand – in exchange for the lowest possible investment, you will achieve the best possible result.


Briefing with the Customer

This is the first stage of investigation, at which the customer’s experience,his knowledge of locations and flows, his specific requirements and budget availability are analyzed by a team of designers, marketing managers and other Memopark’s professionals who set up the guidelines of the planning by applying a few especially designed drafts, a lot of experience and creativity.

Designing Phase and Product Selection
Designing Phase

Unlike what you might think, the designing phase is not of exclusive management by Memopark’s highly qualified professionals, but an occasion for inspiring ideas exchange, talks and real “creation” in order to appraise logistic, technical and structural issues. Meetings with the customer are very frequent in order to let them take part in the developing process of their project, and enable them to give their own contribution to the various stages by interacting with the staff.

Product Selection

This phase is contemporary to the planning Process and implies the application of our 20-years-honoured, specific experience together with good judgment in selecting products and services to provide. “Big” doesn’t necessarily mean beautiful, “Small” doesn’t necessarily mean economical, but the Memopark staff always work out crucial issues with great dedication, as if every single investment was determinant. It is not allowed to go wrong so….we won’t.

The Realization

The Realization

This is the most complex phase from a logistical point of view as well as that of greatest satisfaction for the customer and the staff. Here the elaborated, selected and designed ideas, become facts from mere fantasies. Every detail becomes strategically important, the coordination between the performers must be perfect and every single hour’s time counts for the final result. Memopark is present in this phase too, in order to assist, advise and guide.

The After-Sale Service

The After-Sale Service

What is usually regarded as the last moment of co-operation, it’s our true beginning. The real challenge is to keep oneselves updated, to get information, to create events and periodically verify together every aspect of the realization. This is our goal. Our customer knows that he can always rely on us and our enthusiasm. Our ideas are not static objects by definition, but are the result of strong passion and have their own dynamics that must be constantly fuelled. Because fun is our serious business.

  • Product Designer

    Art and Beauty

    An essential element of any construction are the spectacular sets created exclusively for Memopark by internationally renowned artists.

    A magical world that together with kiddie rides fascinate adults and children ensuring a timeless success and age.

    Among the carefully selected artists among the best on the market , Lorenzo Lunati known throughout the world for its creativity.

  • Outdoor Amusement

    Open Air and Smiles

    The essence of fun outside , adventure trails , exciting attractions such as trampolines , the most timeless race tracks or overtime Mixtream, pure adrenaline !

    Breathtaking scenery under the blue sky for a smile that never goes out !

  • The Strategic Elements

    One by One

    Timely selection of attractions as a success tool.

    The expertise of Memopark guarantees the realization of courses oriented to efficiency and maximum use of every single attraction.

    Designing fun means examine and compare , choose and deliver.

    In a nutshell professionalism from the whole.